About us

Myspires stud first started in 2008 with it’s first two foals born in 2009. Always being involved with horses since the young age of 6, my passion has now turned to breeding top sports horses for the professional and amateur rider in each discipline, eventing, showjumping, dressage and showing. The aim is to breed quality horses with correct conformation, athletic and free movement, the best of temperaments and great bloodlines, that combined, will be able to compete in their chosen discipline to a high level.

Foals and young stock are presented at the BEF Futurity Evaluations each year. They are entered into a variety of sections depending on each individual, where they are given a premium. This is usually at Plumpton College which is the closest venue to me. Spectators are very welcome at this venue. It is a good way to see the young stock at their best in a show environment with feed back from not only a panel of judges but a vet’s assessment as well. Please come and say Hello.

I also show the young stock at the county shows, In Hand Sports horse classes or Hunters and where possible CHAPS or BSPA classes. I think that this is good education for them as youngsters and an important starting point in introducing them to the world of the hustle and bustle you get at a big show. I believe it sets them up and makes life easier for when they go out and compete under saddle.

I keep the horses in a very natural environment running together as a herd and learning to be ‘horses’ but also having human contact from day one, getting used to their feet being picked up, being patted, hands over their ears, faces, under the belly etc, which is carried out mostly in the middle of the field, after mare and foals initial period in the foaling boxes! I believe this is best way for them to be at the start of their life and gives them the best foundation for their future. I have found this to be very rewarding and the youngsters to be more respectful to you having experienced the telling off of the older mares and young stock within the herd, they have each other to play with, not you, even though they do get a lot of fusses, kisses and attention.

All my mares are Graded with the SHB GB stud book or WBS-UK and in some cases other European Studbooks. The foals will be registered in either of these Studbooks. I am proud to be British and want to fully support our British Studbooks and British breeding programs. Although the European Studbooks are highly sort after, by me also, I personally think that if its British bred then why not show it and have the papers to match. That way the horse in question will count towards representing our studbooks.

If I have a mare that interests you and you like what she has produced but you would like an offspring from her by a stallion of your choice, I am happy to discuss options of a breed to order. On the same note if there is a combination due but not yet foaled, you can put a deposit down to reserve the foal in-utero.

As a side line to the sports horses I also have a very small herd of registered Miniature Shetlands, that have good breeding for their type, that can be show ponies or family pets. The stallion runs with his mares and would be available to outside mares also. Please take a look and visit their page.

I would like to think of myself as a very friendly and approachable person, so please don’t hesitate to ring me for any query whether its for For Sale stock, advice on stallions used, shows, breeding or any other questions that I maybe able to help with.